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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pixellicious Banner Space Contest - opportunity to win premium ad space

I would like to share with you a nice little contest which is being hosted on Pixellicious Photos. Participating in this contest can give you an opportunity to advertise your blog / website on Pixellicious Photos.

Over all Alexa ranking of Pixellicious Photos has been improving and it would definitely be beneficial to be able to display an advertisement about your blog / website in order to get more traffic.

Pixellicious Photos is also present on Facebook & Twitter with a good number of Fans / Followers.

Upon winning, you can receive a 100px X 100px banner space for 180 days. This means, your banner will be displayed on Pixellicious Photos for at least 3 months ensuring maximum exposure of your blog / website to a lot of new visitors.

4 lucky winners will be chosen via a lucky draw, at the end of the contest.

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

रावणाचे डोके..... तनतनीचे फुल


आम्ही लहान असतांना या फुलांशी खुप खेळायचो. कोणीतरी आम्हाला शिकवले होते. अशी दहा फुले,त्याच्या मोठ्या देठा सकट तोडायचो. मग ती फुले आम्ही रावणाच्या दहा तोंडांसारखी हातात धरायचो आणी टिचकी मारुन ती उडवायचो,एकदा उजवीकडचे, एकदा डावीकडचे, असे उडवायचो. शेवटचे मधले फुल उडवले की रावणाचे शेवटचे डोके उडवले आणी रावण मेला म्हणुन गलका करायचो. असे कितीतरी वेळा केल्याचे आठवते.


या बिनवासाच्या,गरिब फुलाचे सौंदर्य, कॅमेरा हातात आल्यावर उमगले.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Celebrating 1000 Visitors..

Dear Friends and well wishers,

Today my blog reached One Thousand Unique Visits.

This has became possible because of your love and affection towards me. I thank you all for the response that you have given for my blog and my efforts to maintain it.

Thank you all.


Friday, July 09, 2010

waiting for the breeze to blow..

माहित नाही कुठे पडायचे आहे. तिथली माती कशी आहे हे ही माहीत नाही. मातीतच पडू याची शाश्वती नाही. सगळी भीस्त या वार्‍यावर आहे. तो न्हेईल तिथे जायचे त्याच्या पाठीवर स्वार होऊन. तो सांगेल तेव्हा पायउतार होउन, मातीत मिसळायचे. पण अजुन ती झुळुक यायची आहे. तोपर्यंतच सगळे एकत्र आहेत. ती झुळुक या आयुष्याचा शेवट करेल, पण नव्या जिवनाचे बिज रोपुन. नव्या, छोट्याश्या पण सुंदर आयुष्याची सुरवात करुन.

एका जिवनाचा अंत होताना नव्या जिवनाची सुखद सुरवात होणार आहे. यालाच मोक्ष म्हणत असावेत.

भेटी लागी जिवा...लागली से आस..

waiting for the breeze to blow, originally uploaded by nilesh.gawde.

this is the last time all are together. once the breeze blows, no one knows where they will be. but they will complete their task. this breeze will be the end of this flower, but will be a medium of starting a new life. all will separate from each other for their final journey. but this final journey in this life will also be a start of another beautiful short life.

Monday, July 05, 2010

Legendry Photographer John Hedgecoe passed away...

Professor John Hedgecoe, died on June 3 at the age of 78. He was a photographer who took the portrait of the Queen which is used on British postage stamps; as such he is credited with the planet's most reproduced image, which has so far sold more than 200 billion copies.

I learn most of my photography skills, reading his book "The Art of Digital Photography" and "Complete Guide to Photography".

Professor John Hedgecoe was born on March 24 1932 in Brentford. His father was a banker who served as a fireman during the Blitz, when John was evacuated to live with his aunt in Cornwall. He went to Guildford Art School and completed his National Service with the RAF, where he first put his talents to use by experimenting with aerial photographic surveys of bomb damage from the war.

He established the photography department in 1965 at the Royal College of Art, where he was Professor from 1975–1994 and was Professor Emeritus until his death.

John Hedgecoe was an award-winning British photographer and the best-selling author of over 30 books on photography. He published a highly successful series of manuals on photographic technique, starting with The Book of Photography (1976). Most recently he released The Art of Digital Photography (2006) after a research voyage around more than two dozen countries.

His photographs appear in permanent collections at the New York Museum of Modern Art and London's National Portrait Gallery.

Times online obituary
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